Racquetball is my favorite sport. Racquetball is a fast-paced game that requires endurance, skill and body control. Racquetball aficionados enjoy the sport for its fast-pace and intense workout; it doesn't take much longer than 30 minutes to get some vigorous exercise. And, unlike tennis, it is a racquet-sport that is not steeped in tradition and formalities. Rather, it is more a casual, though very challenging, activity.

Today, 9 million amateurs play the game, and 3,500 racquetball facilities dot the Americas, Europe and Japan. Tournaments are conducted worldwide, including at least 20 annual professional competitions.

If you are already a racquet ball player or if you are planning to become one, the following sites will prove very useful to you.

United States - Racquetball Association (Governing body for the sport posts news, rankings, publications, event schedules, program information and ruling changes)

US Open Racquetball Championships (Peruse the official site of the biggest tournament in racquetball. Find accommodations and restaurants nearby the tournament location)

Professional Racquetball Association Tour (Browse through the PRA Tour site for tour news, schedules and gear. Post questions for top-rated pros to answer. Links to Shockwave download)

Pennsylvania Racquetball (Learn about players and tournaments in the Keystone State. Includes rankings, court listings and Pennsylvania players on the national circuit)

Racquetball - Meet and Play (Consult this player search service to contact a fellow racquetball player in any location. Includes instruction and merchandise)

Racquetball - Fitness Files (Offers a brief history of the sport, with workout tips, benefits and cautions, and gear)

Racquetball Magazine Online (Selection of feature articles from the print edition, news, a back issue list, and subscription information)

Racquet World (Official home of collegiate associations ACRA and ECRC. Rules, results, competition schedule, college contacts, and online goods)

Racquetball Central (Comprehensive guide includes rules of the game, equipment, books and videos on the sport, and a coach's corner)

Ultimate Racquetball (Glimpse this equipment list to buy, or send in your old racquet for restringing. Store site also gives tournament schedules and results)