Padma Sundar Sobhan Seva Trust came into being to realize at least some of many dreams it envisions, such as:

  1. Promoting, encouraging and / or aiding the cause of sports, literacy, education, medical care, and so on in the interest of the prosperity of the public on general in India.
  2. Honoring eminent personalities in various fields of human endeavor and excellence
  3. Conducting or helping conduct various culture-promoting programs if multi-faceted India Music, Dance, Drama, Folk / Tribal Arts, and so on lender the auspices of the Trust
  4. Establishing rural / urban medical care centers to ameliorate the under-privileged sufferers
  5. Sponsoring health-care / check-up programs to cater to the needs of rural / urban disadvantaged masses
  6. Establishing educational institutions and libraries to promote educational opportunities to the rural / urban poor
  7. Establishing old-age homes, women welfare homes and orphanages to help deserted people lead a purposeful and meaningful life with the essential human dignity
  8. Establishing / Promoting / Aiding different institutions in the fields of various fine-arts such as Dance, Drama and Music in order to enrich the best of an event Indian culture
  9. Establishing various counseling institutions to guide and improve the career opportunities of the Rural / Urban youth
  10. Creating endowments / merit scholarships to help poor meritorious students in Rural / Urban India