Zygomycosis and Candidiasis of Gastric Ulcer in a Diabetic Patient


ReddyT Sudhir, Krisha Prasad A, Srinivasan VR, Murali Mohan Rao Vuda, Narendra AMVR ,Kumar Ajit, Sundaram C


Nizamís Institute of Medical Sciences Punjagutta, Hyderabad


Male aged 55 years, known diabetic since 11 years, presented with generalized fever, weakness and vomitings of 1-week duration with altered sensorium of 3 days and breathlessness of 2 days. He did not have seizure or loss of consciousness.


On examination patient was in altered sensorium. There was no fever. He was tachypnoeic and dehydrated. Tachycardia was noted. Bilateral diffuse crepitationswere present in lungs.


Random blood sugar was 584 mg%; ketones were detected in urine and arterial blood gas analysis showed metabolic acidosis. A diagnosis of diabetic ketoacidosis was made and treated accordingly.

On further evaluation he was found to be in septicemia with multi organ failure.