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Saturday July 13th, 2024 04:06:39 AM
what's here?
welcome to padamati's home page
Tuesday March 8th, 2005, 00:45:29
  • This is personal home page of Sobhan, Saru, Sneha and Sreya Padamati
  • We have posted lot of pictures on our site. If you have an account and password, we are happy to share our pictures with you.
  • There are links to various other internal sites like directions to our place, U. Pitt pages and bharatsanchar pages
  • you can also find my latest resume here
  • There are also pointers to some other favourite web sites that I visit a lot
  • Tuesday January 1st 2008
    Sneha Slokas
    Sneha Slokas
    Sreya Slokas
    Sreya Slokas
    Monday March 8th, 2005, 11:04:05
  • moved to php version.
  • installed mandrake 10.1 on the server
    Last Updated: July 09, 2007 04:46:20 PM.